Peimarin Koulutuskuntayhtyma
Peimarin Koulutuskuntayhtyma
Country: Finland

Peimari Educational Consortium

The Peimari Educational Consortium was established on January 1, 2011, when the cities of Kaarina, Paimio, and Parainen decided to merge their vocational education programs. The consortium took over the Kaarina social and health care institute, the Finnish Institute of Fisheries and Environment, and the Southwest Finland Rural Institute. The group of institutions received a new common name, Vocational College Livia. Livia has four locations: Kaarina, Paimio, Parainen, and Tuorla.


The supreme decision-making power of the educational consortium is exercised by the consortium council, which has 15 members. The consortium board serves as the executive body of the educational consortium. It consists of 7 members. For the auditing of administration and finances, there is an audit committee of 5 members set up by the consortium council.

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