Empowering the Next Wave: Leading Innovation in Aquaculture Education

Aquadevbus Project Blueprint

Goals and Objectives
Scope and Scale
Roles and Responsibilities (640 x 420 px)
Roles and Responsibilities
Technologies, techniques  and Tools

Aquadevbus Visual Documentation

Official Project Launch
Happened on: January 29, 2024
Hosted at: Kisumu
During the official launch, the project team was excited to host a delegation from the European Union, the County Government of Kisumu, the Vice-Chancellors of Rongo University and Great Lakes University of Kisumu
Visit to Rongo University
Happened on: January 25, 2024
Hosted at: Rongo University
The project team visited Rongo University with a detour to one of the fish farms dealing with fish hatchery and fingerlings production.

Project Reflections and Learning Outcomes

Our Commitment to Aquaculture Sustainability. (640 x 420 px)
Our Commitment
Future Learning (640 x 420 px)
Future Applications
Lessons Learned Reflections on Personal and Professional Growth (640 x 420 px)
Lessons Learned
Challenges in the project (640 x 420 px)
Challenges and Solutions

Project Sustainability

Innovating towards an Aquaculture-Rich Future. (640 x 420 px)
Innovation in Sustainability

Aquaculture Education

Required Faculty Expertise
Aquaculture courses require a diverse blend of faculty expertise with groundbreaking research to lead industry innovation and education
Research Initiatives
Aquaculture education's research initiatives drive industry innovation, focusing on sustainability and advanced breeding techniques.
Hands-On Learning Experiences
Aquaculture education emphasizes hands-on experiences, from internships to lab experiments, bridging theory with practice.
Targeted Courses
Aquaculture programs offer courses from aquatic biology to business management, ensuring well-rounded industry professionals.
Curriculum Highlights
Aquaculture curriculum blends theory with practical skills, preparing students for future industry challenges.
Understanding Aquaculture and Its Global Significance
Exploring aquaculture's role in food security and how education drives its sustainable practices and innovation.

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