Prof. Hazel Miseda Mumbo
Prof. Hazel Miseda Mumbo
Role: Project Manager
Affiliation: Great Lakes University of Kisumu

She is a multi-disciplinary visionary leader with strategic competencies to manage complex assignments, boasting 26 years of experience across various sectors and positions. Currently, she holds the position of Vice Chancellor at the Great Lakes University of Kisumu. In the same year (2021), the President of Kenya appointed her twice as a commissioner for the recruitment of Teacher Service Commission Commissioners. Additionally, she serves as the Executive Director of Mizel Consultants Company Limited, where she is responsible for providing overall strategic direction to the organization. Her previous roles include serving as the Human Resource for Health (HRH) Expert at the Organizational Capacity Development Project (OCADEP) for the Management of Devolved Health Systems in Kenya (JICA). In this capacity, her responsibilities included strengthening coordination mechanisms for the health sector to clarify roles/responsibilities, core functions, and structure of the County Department of Health and County Health Management Team, harmonizing training programs for the county health management, facilitating horizontal learning systems, and overseeing monitoring and evaluation. Prior to this, she was the Public Sector Advisor at Intrahealth International Inc, seconded to the Ministry of Health. Her role involved providing strategic direction in alignment with government policies and regulations concerning Human Resource Management and Development in a devolved system of government.

She is also recognized as a community health specialist with over 8 years of a solid understanding of community health and development issues, including hands-on experience in the evaluation of community health programs. As a senior lecturer, she has over 10 years of experience teaching Human Resource Management, Health Economics, Health and Entrepreneurship. Her consultancy work includes over 30 projects in these areas for notable organizations such as USAID, WHO, Global Fund, UKAID, UN, and several international agencies from Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands, among others. She also served as the Head of the Education Department at the Great Lakes University for a year.

As an entrepreneur with a long-standing commitment to community support through poverty alleviation programs, she has been the Chief Executive Director of the University Enterprise for 7 years and served on its board for 8 years, which inspired her PhD thesis research. In her early career, she was a teacher in the Kenyan and International systems of education for over 16 years. Her academic contributions include 23 publications in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters, and she has supported the development of 10 policy documents for the Ministry of Health. Additionally, she has held the chair position of 2 schools and serves on the board of various international organizations.

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