Prof. Samuel Gudu
Prof. Samuel Gudu
Role: Advisor
Affiliation: Rongo University

Prof Samuel Gudu has over 30 years of experience in university administration, teaching and research. He is a Full Professor of Genetics and Plant Breeding. He earned his PhD degree in Plant Genetics & Molecular Biology from the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada; M.Sc. (Genetics & Plant Breeding) and B.Sc. Hons. (Agriculture) from the University of Nairobi. Prof. Gudu is a career university lecturer and has developed and taught many courses at the University. He is an experienced University administrator, having risen to Head of Department, Dean, Principal of a Constituent College, Deputy Vice–Chancellor, and Vice–Chancellor of Rongo University.

Prof. Gudu has conducted extensive research on cereals, legumes and other crops and has developed and registered sorghum varieties and germplasm tolerant to soil acidity and various constraints including drought and diseases. He has published widely in Refereed Journals, written technical reports, chapters in books and presented papers in Scientific Conferences. He has been a reviewer of scientific papers for publication in Journals and has supervised many M.Sc. and Ph.D. students in his area of specialization.

Prof. Gudu has received many honours and awards for his exemplary contribution to research and scholarship. He was one of the experts identified by the National Biosafety Committee to advise on introduction of genetically modified crops/organisms in Kenya. He was also one of the experts appointed by the to advise on impacts of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on food, health and environment. He is a member of many international, regional and local scientific associations and has won several multi-million international, regional, and national competitive research grants awards aimed at enhancing food and nutrition security for smallholder farmers, training of students, and infrastructure development for the universities where he has worked.

Prof. Gudu is involved in many community development activities including chairing Boards of secondary schools, and membership in Boards such as Kenya National Innovations Agency, and Passion of Hope, Kenya. His main areas of interest include crop breeding and plant nutrition in acid soils, food and nutritional security, Biodiversity and agroecology, climate change and Smart agriculture.

In this project, he is a member of the Steering Committee and advisor for all Work Packages

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