Official Project Launch

During the official launch, the project team was excited to host a delegation from the European Union, the County Government of Kisumu, the Vice-Chancellors of Rongo University and Great Lakes University of Kisumu on 29th January 2024. The team comprised of:

  1. Irene Giribaldi                  –           Head of Development Corporation, The European Union
  2. Anu Ala–Rantala              –           Head of Development Cooperation, Embassy of Finland
  3. Mr. Robert Backlund        –           Team Europe Manager,  European Union
  4. Mr. Denis Sainte-Marie     –           Head of Cooperation and Cultural Affairs, Embassy of France
  5. Mr. Daniel Guenther         –           Head of German Development Cooperation, Embassy of Germany
  6. Mr. Pim Vander                –           Deputy Head of Development Cooperation, Embassy of Netherlands
  7. Ms. Marta Ledgard           –           Head of Economic & Commercial Section, Embassy of the Czech Republic
  8. Mr. Grandi Giovanni        –           Head of Office, Embassy of Italy
  9. Mr. Mathew Owili            –           Kisumu Deputy Governor
  10. Prof Samuel Gudu            –           Vice Chancellor, Rongo University
  11. Prof. Hazel Miseda Mumbo-        Vice-Chancellor, Great Lakes University of Kisumu

During the opening session, the speeches from the delegates as well as presentations and discussions revolved around promoting collaboration to develop modern next-generation aquaculture education in Kenya while drawing from successful practices in Europe. Sentiments were also rife in promoting data management and the application of data-driven approaches to promote aquaculture value chain, The Kenyan team was very grateful to the EU for funding the project and they gave an assurance that they will be at the forefront of supporting the project team to ensure the successful implementation of the project.

The EU team presented other opportunities such as Erasmus+ that the project team could leverage to enhance the existing partnerships and initiate new ones to utilize the funding opportunities provided by EU to allow cooperation between Kenya and EU partner states to thrive. The Deputy Governor spoke on the importance of Sustainability in Socio-Economic Development, especially in the area of Aquaculture. He emphasized the need to improve the capacity of pond restocking, availability of affordable and reliable farm inputs and production of quality fingerlings. He also spoke about the need to bridge the supply and demand gaps through new sustainable techniques and developing a sustainable fish value chain concentrating while focusing on production, storage, and marketing.

The Head of Development Corporation at the Embassy of Finland, Anu Ala Rantala, expressed her happiness on the commencement of the project stating that it was an important corporation between Kenya and Finland, especially on aquaculture mainly because Kenya and Finland have similar issues regarding aquaculture. She finished by saying she was looking forward to the continued relationship between Finland and Kenyan universities. The Head of Development Corporation in the European Union, Ms. Irene Giribaldi, briefly explained the ERUSMUS+ project and emphasized the importance of education as a key pillar in the work of the European Union in Kenya. She affirmed their continued support to the project and the affiliated projects within the Kisumu County.

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