Work Package 5:
Amplifying Aquaculture Voices: Rongo University's Dissemination and Communication Strategy
Dissemination and communication

Rongo University stands at the forefront of championing the AQUADEVBUS project’s achievements, undertaking a pivotal role in broadcasting the innovative strides made in aquaculture education to a global audience. With a meticulously devised dissemination and communication strategy, the university is committed to elevating the profile of aquaculture advancements and fostering a wider appreciation for the sector’s potential.

The initiative kicks off with “open eyes events” (D5.1), designed to captivate and engage stakeholders from various sectors, showcasing the project’s milestones and the tangible benefits of modern aquaculture education. These events serve as a platform for dialogue, sparking interest and encouraging collaboration among industry professionals, academicians, and policymakers alike.

At the heart of their strategy lies a comprehensive dissemination plan (D5.3), charting the course for how the project’s insights and outcomes are shared with the world. This roadmap ensures that key messages reach the intended audiences through effective channels, maximizing impact and fostering an environment conducive to knowledge exchange.

The project’s digital presence is bolstered by the launch of a dedicated website (D5.4), offering a central hub for information, resources, and updates on the AQUADEVBUS project. This online platform not only facilitates access to valuable educational materials but also serves as a beacon for ongoing discussions and collaborations within the aquaculture community.

The official project launch (D5.6) marks a significant milestone, not just as a celebration of what has been achieved but also as a catalyst for future endeavors in aquaculture education and development. Rongo University’s efforts in amplifying the project’s voices lay the groundwork for sustained growth, innovation, and collaboration, ensuring that the ripple effects of their work continue to expand the horizons of aquaculture education and practice globally.

Through its strategic dissemination and communication efforts, Rongo University not only highlights the accomplishments of the AQUADEVBUS project but also paves the way for the next generation of aquaculture professionals, educators, and advocates to build upon this foundation, driving the industry towards a more sustainable, efficient, and globally connected future.

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